Subconscious levels of brains​, like stomachs, churns up all of the incoming information -- facts, institutional truths, personal beliefs, assorted ideas, random opinions, pure fiction and weaponized memes -- to create “Live Streaming Unexamined Realities.”Transparency in Belief Systemschanges Realities and as well as conversations and the dynamics of relationships.

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Personal Empowerment Through Transparency

An important skill for personal empowerment is Belief Systems Transparency. Developing this skill requires the following knowledge and then lots of practicing the skills in real life situations:

   1. Knowledge: The human brain is a belief processing engine, all beliefs are memes, and “processing” is a “biological function.”

   2. Knowledge: Belief systems are complex meme structures that combine facts, institutional truths, personal experiences and much more.

   3. Skills: Making distinctions between the different types of information the brain processes.

       A. Facts exist independently of language, any other institution, and independent of anybody’s attitudes or feelings about them – mountains, oceans, trees, etc.

       B. Institutional truths are dependent on human language, human agreement and are backed by institutional authority – monotheism, money, democracy, football, etc.

       C. Personal beliefs are memes that are products of personal experiences.

       D. Other memes include ideas, random opinions, total fictions and weaponized memes.

Belief Systems are components of Realities. They act like monitors in a security center that receive live streams of incoming information and the subconscious levels of brains interpret them to determine how they affect their lives.