We know how busy most people are today so we decided to use short emails to raise the awareness of and educate people about Lives 1st Values -- values that protect and preserve lives, make lives more functional, increase the quality of life and create transparency.

Lives 1st Values are time-tested values from ancient wisdom that is combined with the latest science-based facts to empower people to not only survive, but thrive in the 21st century environments in which they live.

Lives 1st Values provide a strong values-based foundation for creating and maintaining relationships.

Lives 1st Values network people together to strengthen and create safety nets required not only to protect lives, but to empower people to change the environments in which they live.

We chose to us emails instead of  just social media platforms for two primary reasons -- privacy and security! There are no predator algorithms stalking our subscribers and secretly collecting information that will be sold to the highest bidder.  

We use simple plain texts emails with no ads, pop-ups, embedded videos, etc.. All of "your friends," lots of strangers and predators are not seeing what you read. In this case, we believe that the "old fashion way" is quicker, safer, better, secure and definitely more private.

We want to provide subscribers with Quick Reads & Good Information -- and do it for FREE!

List of Lives 1st Values Educational Emails