TOV Center Model of Humans

Developing your Power Skills begins with familiarizing yourself with the TOV Center Model of Humans. This is a science-based model. There are many other models people use and some have been around for thousands of years. Below are some of the most well-known models.

  • bodies, souls and spirits

  • natural and supernatural


  • physical and metaphysical

  • human and divine

  • seen and unseen 

All of the above are meme-structures that are parts of beliefscapes of people from many different cultures. Below is the new model for understanding what humans are and why they do what they do – The TOV Center Model for Humans.

Humans are genetic memetic social creatures.

A critical aspect of developing your Power Skills is being able to quickly identify genetic, memetic and social factors in human thoughts and behaviors.

  • Genetic means all humans are DNA creatures. Sections of DNA are called genes and they carry chemical codes that create human bodies, along with information. Our DNA code produces large complex brains that have massive neural networks that store neural firing patterns that take place during life experiences.

  • Memetic means that our large complex brains have the power to identify pieces of neural firing patterns which are called “memes.” They are literally pieces of memories storied in neural networks. The brain combines and interconnects them to create meme-structures, which combine to form beliefscapes.

  • Social means all humans are dependent on other humans from their very conception until death. Creating and maintaining strong personal and social relationships are very important skills we require for surviving and thriving.

It is a top priority for Life Power Players to team up and accurately create their Personal Identification Profiles. This requires the help others and face-to-face interactions in open safe environments with people who agree to follow specific guidelines.  You will be learning much more about this in the future.

Your assignment for now is to become familiar with the TOV Center Model and practice identifying genetic, memetic and social factors in communication experiences that you become aware of. Remember that awareness comes first and understanding follows as the new model becomes part of your neural networks. 

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