TOV Center 21st Century Science-Based Model of Human Realities

Your reality is the product of a process in which the sensory input from the world outside your skull has meanings assigned to them that gives them meanings. The meanings come from your life experiences. 

Previous models used terms like those below to explain what humans are and describe the environments in which humans live:
   ● bodies, souls and spirits
   ● natural and supernatural
   ● physical and metaphysical
   ● human and divine
   ● seen and unseen 

The TOV Center Model begins with a science-based understanding of what humans are:

Humans are genetic memetic social creatures.

It is important to be able to identify genetic, memetic and social factors in human behaviors.

   ● Genetic means all humans are DNA creatures. Sections of DNA are called genes and they carry the chemical instructions that create human bodies, along with other chemical information.

   ● Memetic means that all humans have large complex brains in which pieces of electrochemical information called memes are stored in the brain’s neural networks. Memes are the meanings that are assigned to sensory perceptions.

   ● Social means all humans are dependent on other humans from their very conception until their death. This makes creating and maintaining strong relationships a very important survival skill for surviving and thriving.

The more we understand about what it means to be genetic memetic social creatures, the better able we are to consciously participate in shaping our own realities and understand the realities behind the behaviors of others.

This also gives us new ways of discussing many of the issues that are dividing people today. Instead of trying to win at all costs, both sides are able to come together and help each other identify the genetic, memetic and social factors involved in the issue. Just doing that transforms the relationships of those involved from “Us vs. Them” to being “members of a research team.”

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