Predator Power Players, people who destroy and harm lives, “hack meme-structures" by changing memes that make them up, for example doing things like changing Distinction and/or Strategy Memes, like those in the example below. 

What difference does it make? For me, it means nothing because of my experiences, but for someone without any experiences it will make a big difference as soon as they try to hug a rattlesnake!

Since 2007, when smartphones first went on sale to the public, individual beliefscapeshave increasingly been under attack by predatory human hackers, corporations, governments and foreign nations. They use highly complex and powerful algorithms to create weaponized memes. Their goals are to cause us to voluntarily do what they want us to do – buy their products and services, vote for their candidates, support their rights, believe in their gods, hate their opponents, turn against our fellow citizens, etc.

This mental environment has never existed in the history of mankind. Humans have not evolved to survive in it. It has the potential of being like a deadly disease introduced in a native population that have no natural immunities to protect them. Or, this new environment, in the hands of skilled people who know how to recognize and exercise power – it could usher in a new inclusive mutually beneficial age for our society.

Life is experienced in the beliefscapes of human brains and those beliefscapes must be protected and preserved, defended, made more functional, upgraded and sometimes deleted as conditions change.

Team Up With the TOV Center and Become a Skilled TOV Power Player.


Beliefscapes are constructed of Meme-Structures that are like the individual Lego-Structures that make up the complex Lego creation in the above picture. However, instead of plastic blocks, meme-structures are created by combinations of different types of memes: Identity Memes that name things; Distinction Memes that classify and make distinctions between things; and Strategy Memes that tell people what to do when a person becomes aware of the presence of Identity Memes. Below is an example of one of my meme-structures for the thing pictured next to it. This meme-structure has been etched in my mind as the result of a number of personal encounters with them.

Unleashing the TOV Power of the Brain

Inside every human skull is the most complex known object in the universe – the human brain.

The total number of particles (atoms) in the known universe is
10 followed by 79 zeros (give or take a few).

The main information processing area of the brain, the cortex, contains about 30 billion neurons. An average neuron in the brain has about ten thousand dendrites (inputs) and about the same number of axon terminals (outputs). 

If we considered the number of possible synaptic connections in just the cortex,

we would be dealing with hyper-astronomical numbers – 

10 followed by at least a million zeros.

Instead of galaxies there are a countless number of neural constellations that produce the beliefscapes through which humans experience life. The “Game of Power” takes place in those beliefscapes.