We advocate and promote the adoption of “TOV” as the universal meaning of “good.” “TOV” is the Hebrew word that appears seven times in the first chapter of Genesis. In English translations it is translated “good.” Since the end of World War II, the spirit of unity and pride of being an American has dissipated and the rise of the “it’s all about me American consumer” has emerged to replace it.

Today, the meaning of good, as well as moral codes,
are self-defined and constantly shifting in America.

Good” to one person may be “bad” or “evil” for another person. The meaning of “good” establishes the meanings of “bad” and “evil.” The meanings of those words also play major roles in defining what “justice” means, as well as the types of laws that are passed to govern the nation. Therefore, consciously choosing the meaning of “good” by individuals and groups is one of the most important decisions that can be made.

Using TOV to Define Good

1. Protecting lives is good.

2. Preserving lives is good.

3. Making lives more functional is good.

4. Increasing the quality of life is good.

When we use TOV to define good,
good becomes something that is observable and measurable.

Today America is fragmenting into groups that are promoting different models for how the nation should be governed.

Social Democracy -- promotes justice within a capitalist economy by means of political interventions that redistribute income.

Libertarianism -- defends private property, the unhampered operation of capitalist societies, rejects the role of the state in ensuring social justice.

Anarchists -- the complete elimination of the state, along with its defense of capitalism based on rights to private property.

Socialism -- abolition of private property and the whole capitalist system in which trade and industry are controlled by owners for profit.

Communism -- companies and factories are owned by the public.

Liberal Democracy -- Maintain a high degree of personal freedoms and provide social welfare within a capitalist economy.

 Americans are searching for a “good” way to live and govern themselves. Adopting TOV as the meaning of “good” would have a big impact on what they find and what America’s future will be like.