A gene is a specific section of DNA. Genes tell cells what to do and when to do it – be a muscle, make a bone, be a lung, be a brain, be a toe, etc.

Our DNA is the instruction manual for creating human bodies –and much more.

One-half of a person’s DNA comes from a male and the other half from a female. The two halves join together to form the new DNA molecule that will ultimately produce their child. 

We are literally creatures of a living code that has been dividing and joining together to form new humans from the dawn of the appearance of humans on the earth. Each cell of the human body contains a molecule of DNA with a complete set of instructions for creating that human body. 

Once the new DNA molecule “boots up” the process of creating the new human begins and systematically forms the organ systems required for the human body to function. In other words, it doesn’t produce “fingernails” until after fingers are created. This process takes about forty weeks to complete and the result is a “full-term baby.” The human brain, however, does not reach its full maturity until about the age twenty-five. 

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We Are All DNA Creatures

We humans are all genetic creatures – 1 among 3,000,000 (three million) others. All genetic creatures share a four letter code (A, T, G & C) written in chemicals and stored in a molecule of DNA. The human genetic code contains 3,000,000,000 (three-billion) letters.