The Biology of Beliefs

Everything humans think or do begins in the brain -- that makes having a basic awareness of how the brain processes information a top priority. Now let me elevate the importance even more -- everything your children think or do begins in their brains too! We call this the biology of beliefs. The stomach digests the things that flow into it and then does what stomachs do. It is the part of discussions about belief systems that is missing from most conversations because science is just now beginning to understand it.

Let me put it this way, the stomach digests the foods and fluids that flow into it and turn them into energy. Biologically, that is what stomachs do. The human brain ingests sensory information that flows into it and turns it into memories, thoughts and behaviors. Biologically, that's what human brains do! If you want to understand why our world has changed and why people are doing the crazy things so many are doing -- find out how the information flowing into their brains have changed.

The brain processes information on two levels – conscious level and subconscious level. The conscious level is where analytical thinking goes on. It processes about 40 nerve impulses per second. The subconscious level does everything from monitoring the environment to controlling breathing -- and it processes over 40 million nerve impulses per second. As an information processor the subconscious level is one million times more powerful! It is absolutely essential to be aware of how the subconscious level processes information related to its beliefs.  

   1. It searches for patterns in incoming information that confirm its most trusted beliefs.

   2. When patterns do not match its trusted beliefs, it distorts or molds it to make it fit its preconceived concepts and confirm its beliefs.

   3. If it cannot do #2, it filters out information that doesn’t fit its preconceived concepts or confirm its beliefs.

Keep in mind that all of the above steps take place without people being consciously aware of what's going on.

Make sure you understand that the subconscious leveldoes not search for the best, most accurate or factual information coming into it so it will have the beneficial healthy beliefs. to believe.

Human brains search for information that confirms beliefs it has already acquired -- even if they are completely false, very harmful, unhealthy and the worst beliefs you can imagine!

This is the process that turns “good people” into “terrorists” or “people that do very bad things” that utterly shock their families and friends. It is also the process that “brain hackers” use daily to plant their belief memes in brains around the world without social media users being aware of it. It is a biological process!Make sure you completely understand that!

We must learn how to be guardians and protectors of our brains -- and the brains of children. If we don't the unintended consequences could be devastating. On the other hand, if we do and allow good nourishing beliefs to fill their brains and ours – the result could be absolutely amazing!

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