Using Meme-Structure Models is a very important skill to learn for two reasons – they give you a way to visual things that only exist in the neural networks of human brains and they give people a unique way to discuss them. And, since all beliefs are memes, it gives us new options for discussing one of the most polarizing subjects in our culture.

Meme” is a very popular word in social media, but we use it in a technical sense which means something very different. Working with Meme-Structures is like working with Legos – a meme-structure may consist of as few as three pieces or thousands. The basic structure requires three types of memes:

  ● Identity Memes name things.

  ● Distinction Memes are secondary naming memes that make distinctions between things.

  ● Strategy Memes are actions that are taken when we become aware of Identity or Distinction Memes.

As we learned in Seeing the Riders and Elephants, long before the Rider becomes aware of anything, the Elephant has already identified it and begun taking the actions predetermined by Strategy Memes to move towards or away from it.

 And as we saw in Personal Empowerment Through Transparency, changes in meme-structures may produce corresponding changes in Realities. And as we also learned in Your Reality is Created by the Most Complex Known Object in the Universe – this could also change your “Bubble of Rightness” what you view as right or wrong!

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In order to anchor a meme-structure in the world outside the brain we anchor it to the time and place it appears. The next thing we do is identify the Source (person) that used it, when possible.

 By tracking meme-structures by time and place we are able to follow their evolution over time. This is critical for working with belief meme-structures. As we will see later, many key Christian meme-structures began as Jewish meme-structures – and over time Identity Memes remained the same, but Distinction and Strategy Memes changed.