Jeffrey Leynor & Jim Myers

Education Driven Creativity  to Inspire a Realities Evolution  


TOV Center, Inc. is a 501.3(c) educational and social networking corporation for raising the awareness of the biology of believing that creates belief systems, identities and realities -- and the weaponized memes that are being used to hack brains. For the TOV Center, "Meanings of Words Matter" because they are the building blocks of human realities.

The TOV Center was co-founded by Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor and Jim Myers (a former pastor) -- both are former law enforcement chaplains. The Officers & Directors are Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor (President and Director), Jim Myers (Vice President and Director) and Rick San Soucie (Secretary-Treasurer and Director).

Over the past thirty-years Jeffrey and Jim have development guidelines and models that they now use to help people examine, upgrade and protect identities and realities. For more information click here.